Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions about Hardwood Floors


My floor is a mess and think it may be to bad to sand?

Most natural floor boards are a mess as they have been neglected for some years, Sanding the floor strips away the the top layers of the wood and gives a clean surface. We wont stop until we get the clean surface.


Why would i want to sand my floor?

Sanding the your floor has lots of benefits, practical, hygienic, virtually maintenance free, they wont have bad odours from pets or tobacco,  wood also is a good heat conductor, cool in the summer warm in the winter.


Is there much dust when you sand my floor?

The machines we use have  high-powered dust extractors built in and dust will be minimal,  but in some cases there may still be some dust especially if the floor is uneven which would increase the chance of dust,  if this was the case we will use dust sheets where required. We always ensure the room is spotless once the works are complete.


How long does it take to sand a floor?

It depends on the size of area, floor condition etc, an average size room would be complete in a day.  We would advise a time scale when we survey your property.


How long before I can walk on the floor again?

It depends on different factors,  in an average sized room you would most likely be able to walk on floor a few hours after our last coat, we will advise the drying time when the floor finish has been chosen.


What colour will my floor after sanding?

Older floorboards have a nice warmth to them, every floor is slighty different, you get a better idea once the sanding as started.  The colour depends on the age of the wood and acclimatisation.  A golden brown colour is very common along with antique pine.